Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Okay, I promised to tell you a bit about the stories I’ve sold (so far) this year. Today I’ll talk about the first one.
I saw a call for submissions for an anthology on vampires. They didn’t want the sparkly kind, they wanted more of the nitty-gritty kind. Now, I like vampires as much as the next person, but I haven’t written a lot of stories about them because I rather thought there wasn’t much more that could be said. Wasn’t it about time for their trendiness to peter out?
However, I did have this one story... so I sent it in, and it was accepted!
The rough draft for this story was written 10 years ago, while the family (including me) was on a week-long Caribbean cruise. Yes, even on vacation, I need to write, and I find time to write. If you see me at a convention - or any place, really - and I’m scribbling in a notebook, I’m probably writing a rough draft. [This can get irritating when I get home, because I know I wrote 5 scenes on this rough draft, but where did I put the notebook?]
There’s also a werewolf in this story. Vampires and werewolves are often paired together, but I don’t have the werewolf subservient to the vampire. In my universe, both of these creatures have been around a VERY long time. The vampire isn’t sure how she became a vampire, and the only werewolf either of them has seen is the one that attacked the current werewolf. Neither of them really fits in with ‘normal’ humans, although they can pass for human. Sometimes they go their separate ways, but more and more, they hang with each other, for decades or centuries at a time.
I’d like to write more stories about Wolfie and Vamps, maybe even a book or two, but so far, they haven’t been loudly demanding my attention. [So many stories, and only 24 hours in a day.]
I understand this 2-volume anthology is scheduled for an October release, maybe for Halloween? I’ve already gone through the editing phase for my story, and I’m anxious to actually see this in print, to hold it in my hands.

Stay tuned for future details on that!

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