Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve!

Today is Christmas Eve. Or, rather, the day I post this will be Christmas Eve day. You’d think I’d write about Christmas, wouldn’t you? But I’ve already discussed holidays, several times during the life of this blog, and I don’t want to get too repetitive.
Besides, as I write this, I am nowhere near ready for that holiday; I still have gifts to purchase (not to mention wrap, NONE of them are wrapped yet), a grocery list to make, groceries to buy, and an entire house to clean. These things have been weighing on my mind since Thanksgiving, and I need a break from thinking about Christmas.
So, I’ve been reviewing some science stories I down-loaded during 2014 but never got around to incorporating into a blog, trying to figure out what to say in my next several blogs. (It’s called advanced planning, something I probably don’t do enough of.) There’s some good stuff here.
1.              The Willy Wonka elevator is not necessarily pure fiction.
2.              The Keppler telescope isn’t dead yet. In fact, they’ve fixed it... sort of.
3.              Everybody is talking about a trip to Mars, but Venus is much closer, so... Yeah, there’s plans for that!
4.              There’s a big geothermal project in western US.
5.              Lab-grown burgers.
6.              Rocks that mysteriously move by themselves when no one is looking.
7.              Roads made of solar panels.
8.              Wyoming cave has a treasure of Ice Age fossils.
9.              Cloning woolly mammoths. (Or have I already done that one?)
10.                    Robot farmers.
11.                    Blood test for suicide.
12.                    2-million-year-old pre-man, what was he like?
13.                    Ancient Caribou hunting.
14.                    Ancient lizard fish graveyard.
15.                    Ancient Chinese flying reptile.
16.                    Ancient squirrel.
17.                    Chatting with a Stone Age person.
18.                    Ancient Tsunamis.
19.                    Ichthyosaur fossil.
20.                    The first bird.
21.                    Pinocchio Rex.
22.                    The Scourge of Jurassic Europe.
23.                    Ancient footprints in UK.
24.                    6,000-year-old parasite egg.
25.                    Ancient men and their dog buddies.
26.                    Stonehenge skeleton.
27.                    Fossil eggs.
28.                    Do failed stars have planets?
29.                    Super Earth.
30.                    Orphan planets.
31.                    Twin planets.
Jeepers. That’s enough for half of next year, even if I don’t have enough info on some of them. Maybe I should keep this list and cross them off as I write that blog. After all, I wouldn’t want to repeat myself.
And that doesn’t count any subjects I come across in Archeology, Discovery and the other magazines that I read. Or any new stories I come across on the internet.

Well, my cup runneth over, I guess. The problem will be deciding which of these to write about when. Any suggestions what you’d like me to start with?

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