Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold Winter Days

It is almost noon, and it is all of 3° outside. Tomorrow will be more of the same for us; the high is predicted to be 5 above. Other locations within the 'lower 48' states are even worse off, but this is cold enough for me. This is the kind of weather where I would like to curl up in a blanket in front of a little heater with a good book.
What do you suppose a character in a book would do on a day like today? It would depend on who they are as a character and the plot of the book, of course. Are they warriors, out to battle an evil overlord's minions or a rampaging dragon? They may have no choice but to bundle up as best they can and keep moving forward. Farmers would have to tend their animals, repair any tools they'll need for the new growing season, possibly even chop more firewood for the fireplace.
Authors frequently think nothing of hampering their characters by throwing inclement weather at them. Some of them do a good job of describing cold rain seeping under a collar and running down the spine, or a runny nose and numb fingers and toes that will make it almost impossible to defend themselves if our intrepid travelers are set upon by wolves.

Occasionally, a kind author will allow a character to wait out bad weather by wrapping themselves in a blanket, sitting near the fireplace and reading a good book. Even warriors deserve a calm break from time to time, don't you think?

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