Sunday, June 9, 2013

Should I Try Something New?

Every author has their own methods of devising story plots. I do occasionally incorporate something of my dreams into my stories; a character, a scene, a situation. I do that rather sparingly, as I've learned that whatever I import from a dream doesn't hold up well through the many rewrites, and will either be pulled out because they no longer fit the story or will no longer bear any resemblance to the dream where they originally belonged.

I've been in recovery from surgery for about a week now. I do not consider this prime writing time, since my mind seems to be more confused than at other times. I have new activities that must be done - called physical therapy, meds that must be taken to keep the pain at bay, but otherwise make it hard to think, and sleep comes in naps ranging from 1-4 hours.

And yet ...

Most of those naps have ended with a simple typed paragraph, all variations on a theme. This is something new; I don't 'see' my stories as typed manuscripts, they come to me as movie scenes. I noticed, as they kept appearing, that they seemed to be summaries of various experiments where one ending is expected ... but they keep getting another ending.

I've let these paragraphs wander through my subconscious, wondering if I could possibly do justice to the story they seem to be pointing me to. It looks like it would be some sort of exo-psychological court drama.

Really! And it comes to ME to be written? I have enough trouble trying to figure out humans, let alone aliens. I don't have any real understanding of human psychology, and the fine niceties of human laws flow at least 10 feet over my head.

Still, it's an intriguing ideal. I didn't expect to take on a new and challenging project at this time. What doesn't kills us makes us better, right?

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