Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pot of Gold

I’m so excited!

Last night, I got a call from this publisher who’s read my e-stories on smashwords, and heard I had a fantasy novel set in the same universe. He wanted to see my full manuscript right away, but I got the definite impression that it was a moot point, that he really wanted to print it. From what questions he asked, it sounded like he was hopeful the story could be made into a trilogy, at least.

Luckily, my fantasy is written to stand on its own, if it must, but I did leave a few loose loops of yarn that could lead to further adventures. Book 2 is already semi-potted, but Book 3 is nebulous so far.

Anyway, my head fairly swam as he postulated the best places to send me for readings and signings. Sounds like I could be on the road quite a bit this summer, and I worry my writing might suffer for it. Or maybe I’ll have more time to write, as I sit in one lonely motel room after another, in first one unknown city and then another.

I call them lonely motel rooms, but being alone seldom bothers me. In fact, when I go to conventions and start feeling uncomfortable in the crowd of like-minded people, I retreat to my room and write, to recharge my batteries. Still, I’ll miss my family.

It’s a mixed blessing for an introvert, as I suspect many writers are. Writing is a pretty solitary endeavor, but to be a successful author, you must also market, and marketing puts you out in the middle of people. Still, you prepare for that, and steel yourself to do what must be done. A mixture of excitement and dread.

And then I woke up.

It was all a dream.

And I know that’s a terrible way to end it, but … April Fool’s Day.

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