Sunday, April 17, 2011

Constellation 2

Just got home a couple hours ago from Constellation 2, a sf convention held in Lincoln, Nebraska. Yes, I'm still suffering from 'con head', a type of confusion suffered on a con's 3rd day, probably caused by information overload, lack of sleep and some sugar/caffeine indulgence. But even so, let's see what I can remember of it.

As a writer, I tend to look for panels on the creative or business side of writing. And I did find some of those at Constellation, though it is not the same as a writer's seminar. (So I hear; sometime, I'll have to actually attend a writer's seminar so I know the difference.) I also attended panels put on by a new Klingon ship in the area, an improv group, a discussion of the possibility of time travel, Tolkein's elvish languages, and a creative writing workshop put on by local author Matt Rotundo. I had plenty of opportunity to absorb ideas.

If that wasn't enough, I wandered through the art show a couple times, and the dealer's room, then attended the art auction (and bought a piece for myself), followed by the costume contest. I finished up Saturday by stopping by the OSFest party room. As Co-chair of OSFest 4.0, I figured I had to be there for some talking and joking, which is not my normal 'me', but I didn't want people to think I didn't exist. It wasn't too bad, because I found most of the people there I had been talking to for years at other events, so the introvert in me did not consider them 'strangers'.

The best part – for me – was the camaraderie I found with other authors. Constellation's Author Guest of Honor was Jim Hines, who is an entertaining speaker, though I didn't get to spend time with him other than being in the audience of some of his panels. I did, however, get to converse and compare notes with Matt Rotundo, Travis Heerman, Robert Reed and Daniel Nielsen. These are all Nebraska authors, and even though I haven't been published – yet – we compared notes on markets and how quickly or slowly they respond to submissions, our working habits, and so forth.

I may not have been writing this weekend (I left my thumb drive at home!), but I was definitely working. On so many levels.

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