Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying Something New

Last month, I sent one of my pieces to a critique group I had recently joined. At our monthly meeting, I nervously waited for them to 'shred it to pieces'.

All told, they were very gentle. Yes, they had some problems with it. The problem mentioned most often was that I didn't give enough description to let them 'see' where the story was taking place. Since not all of them normally read science fiction, and my story was taking place on a small space ship, I can understand why they might not be able to picture the mess room, the bridge, etcetera.

Then one of the latter to comment suggested that possibly I could turn it into a radio play. I blinked as cogs aligned in my brain; only a day or two earlier, I had become aware of a contest for radio plays, any genre. I had set my mind the task of trying to figure out if I had a story I could readily convert to a radio play.

Apparently I did.

The deadline on that contest is looming, so I'd better get back to work on that conversion. Hope I remember what a 'script' looks like.

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