Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mac 5 Point of View 2

Last time, I said I only changed Point of View character in Mac's story when the scene changed. Further reflection reveals that isn't exactly true. There is at least one time when I go through most of a scene from one man's PoV, then switch scenes, back up and show the middle and end of the scene from another man's PoV.

It's kind of a cheat, I suppose, but the first man isn't there for the end of the scene, and the second man isn't there for the beginning of the scene. The only person who is there for both the beginning and the end of the scene is Mac, and I had already decided the PoV would not come from her.

Besides, the two men saw her so differently, by backing up through a few lines of conversation, I could show that even though they heard virtually the same conversation, they interpreted it in vastly different ways. All because each already knew what he thought the real situation was.

There was another way I 'cheated' on PoV, but I just couldn't figure out how to get around it. There are a few scenes where the reader does see things through Mac's eyes, but not through her mind. An accident with the equipment traps an alien intelligence. When Mac is called in to repair the equipment, it shorts out, and the intelligence is transferred to Mac's body. Every time somebody gets close to her, thinking something is wrong with Mac, a large electrical shock sends them reeling back. So, I have some scenes where the alien is observing the crew and wondering what has happened, how to set things right, but I tell myself that isn't Mac's PoV. Others might argue with me about that, I don't know. I figure it's my story, so it's my rules.

Up to a point, that's true. If an editor wants to argue that I'm 'not following the rules', then I'd have to at least consider their statement. But as I've said, Mac's story might never reach the end of its rough draft. Chances are, she's a permanent resident of my mind.

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