Sunday, July 11, 2010

What to do, What to do?

Daw decided they did not care to offer for my maiden book. They weren't sure they could make an economic success of it. So, I'm back to the same question that has been bothering me since I finished it – what is my best option for getting this published?

This question probably faces every writer who finishes a story of any size … Who would be most likely to publish it? It's tough enough when you've finished a short story, but when you've finished a novel, you often feel befuddled, and keep second-guessing your choices. At least, I have. By the time I finished this novel, I'd been hearing that 'the big boys' of publishing no longer had a slush pile; that you had to have an agent. So for three years, I have sent queries to over two dozen agents. It would have been more, but it takes time to shuffle through long lists to find the ones that are not only legitimate but good, and who might be interested in representing my efforts.

When I saw an announcement that Daw was opening its slush pile, it seemed to be a sign to me. Since they have passed on this opportunity, what do I do now? Do I continue with the other two 'big boys' who still have slush piles? (One of them has been taking 'a second look' at a friend's manuscript for five years now.) Daw was quite speedy in their rejection, but that doesn't mean any others would be.

Still, I can't just sit here on my thumbs. I won't make any progress at all if I don't make any effort.

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